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May 2017

Storytelling: how is it used in contexts outside education and media?


Storytelling, “the activity of telling or writing stories”, is often used in education or media-related contexts. As we often do at Mergeflow, we talked about various topics, looking for a more unusual angle, off the trodden path. In this case, we wondered: outside education and media, what do people and companies do with storytelling?

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Turning serendipity into business models


The term “serendipity”, coined by Horace Walpole in 1754, means “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”. In the past, the term has been used in literary and religious books, for example in the bible, where many circumstances in Christian life are considered serendipitous experiences. The main idea is that events which happen by chance can turn out to be extremely beneficial. In recent years, especially in the business world, serendipity is often used to persuade consumers to experience a feeling of unexpected happiness if purchasing a certain product or service. Using Mergeflow, we looked at businesses based on serendipity.

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New methods for malaria testing


A few weeks ago, Siemens Healthineers were named finalists for the European Pantent’s Office‘s 2017 Inventor Award. They had developed a new, automated method for detecting malaria, based on their Advia 2120i hematology system. Malaria is a life-threatening disease, responsible for more than 1 million annual deaths globally.

We were curious to see if there are also other new methods for malaria detection. Using Mergeflow, we looked for companies, technologies, and products.

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