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April 2017

Tracing technologies over time


A few weeks ago, we launched a new tool, the Topics Matrix. The Topics Matrix lets you generate growth-share matrices automatically. We described in a previous blog post how it works. As we said in this previous blog post, when people saw the Topics Matrix, they usually asked:

Interesting! I can do this for any of my topics on-the-fly, and the data will always be real-time. But can I also see how the data points have evolved over time?”

Yes, now you can! Continue Reading

What can you do with microlenses?


Microlenses are very small lenses. ‘Small’ means that they are less than 1mm in diameter, and sometimes as small as 10µm. According to an entry in Wikipedia, microlenses “can give good optical quality but sometimes unwanted effects arise due to optical diffraction as small features”. Microlenses are used in different sectors and for different purposes. We used Mergeflow to find out more, and here are some examples of what we found: Continue Reading

Machine-augmented idea triage


Estimating the importance and dynamics of a topic

Idea triage plays an important role in business strategy, particularly in resource allocation. For instance, imagine that there are 10 technology fields or business areas that all sound promising, but you only have the resources to actually get into 3 of these topics. Which 3 out of your 10 technology fields should you select, and why? Continue Reading