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February 2017

Are banks investing in startups outside fintech?


Probably nobody would be surprised if they saw a bank investing in fintech startups. After all, fintech should be their home turf. We wanted to know if banks also invest in startups outside fintech.

Using Mergeflow, we looked at more than 500 venture investment rounds from January to February 2017. We checked whether banks participated in any of these investment rounds. With two exceptions, the results were a bit sobering. Continue Reading

Fake news: is there a technological solution?



Fake news are on the world agenda. Some people say that there are more news about fake news than actual fake news. We did some reasearch on the matter to try to figure out if anyone has developed a tool to fight disinformation. Fortunately, we discovered that many academics and technologists are thinking up solutions to the problem. Continue Reading

Edge computing: the next computing lanscape transformation?


Peter Levine, a partner at a16z, recently claimed that edge computing will replace cloud computing (check it out).  He argues that this is because the Internet of Things will greatly increase demands for real-time computing, which is hard or impossible to do with centralized cloud computing. For example, if an autonomous car “sees” a stop sign, it will not have time to wait for some centralized cloud server to respond – by the time this response comes, the car will already have overrun the stop sign.
Using data obtained via Mergeflow, we tested if we can see evidence supporting Levine’s claims that edge computing is on the rise. If Levine is right, we should see indications such as investments (e.g. VC or research funding); increases in scientific publications, patents, or news; and important players (e.g. companies) becoming involved with edge computing.

Continue Reading