Mergeflow signs partnership with Innovation Incubation Center (i²c) of the Technical University of Vienna

mergeflow just signed a partnership with the Innovation Incubation Center (i²c) of the Technical University of Vienna (

The i²c is a cross-faculty organization within TU Wien.  Its goal is to develop sustainable innovation through cross-sectional collaboration. It provides an entrepreneurial ecosystem for TUW scientists and students who want to evaluate the business potential of their research projects and are interested in starting their own company to bring their innovations to the market. This ecosystem offers various programs and services to inspire, educate, innovate, and connect.

Dr. Michael Heiss is honorary professor of the supplementary curriculum on innovation offered by the i²c. He points out the importance of an innovation driven approach over a pure technological education. Students learn to recognize the difference between having a good idea and successfully bringing it to market (see

The i²c helps scientists and students to bring disruptive research and early-stage projects to market.   In addition, the i²c facilitates funding and fundraising, provides access to mentorship and international networks as well as workspaces and meeting rooms in i²c’s Founder Space.

With mergeflow, students, lecturers, and startups at i²c have an analytics platform in place that supports the innovation driven approach of an entrepreneurial university.