Month: August 2015

  • Seismic data technologies

    For this article we looked at the recent patent landscape for seismic data technologies (recent = roughly the last four years).  We simply searched for “seismic data” and narrowed down our results to patents (from worldwide patent offices). First we looked at the companies and people (inventors) network in this space.  There do not seem to be many connections between companies,… Continue reading "Seismic data technologies"

  • Energy Harvesting

    Energy harvesting provides small amounts of energy to power low-energy electronics.  The energy is harvested from the environment of the device, e.g. from solar power, thermal energy, or kinetic energy (cf.

  • Smart grid software

    What companies are working on smart grid software? For this article, we first wanted to know what companies are working on smart grid software.  Smart grids use advanced metering, energy production and distribution methods in order to adapt to changes in energy demand or production (cf.  Smart grids heavily depend on (new) software solutions, for instance for…

  • Biochips

    Biochips are “miniaturized laboratories” that can run biochemical reactions e.g. for medical diagnostics (cf. For this article, we wanted to know: What kinds of diagnostics can biochips do?  I.e. what diseases can biochips diagnose? Who are innovative small companies in this field?

  • Internet of things: venture fundings

    From the contents of world wide news on investor activities (mostly venture capital and private equity), mergeflow extracts names of funded companies and the funding amounts.  These data can be displayed in funding charts.  Funding charts in mergeflow map funding events in time (yes, mergeflow takes care of redundancy — it recognizes if there are multiple news on the same funding… Continue reading "Internet of things: venture fundings"