Using mergeflow shortcuts

mergeflow shortcuts simplify some search use cases.  Specifically, mergeflow shortcuts support four different search use cases for a given search query:

  • startups — please show me startups and companies that are associated with them.
  • experts — please show me names of people in R&D.
  • research organizations — please show me names of research organizations and universities.
  • patents — please show me patents and companies associated with them.
  • funding — please show me companies that received VC funding, and their funding amounts.


Shortcuts are available as an icon bar above search results:


Here are examples for each shortcut:


Our example search here is “remote sensing”:

rs-searchNow clicking on the “startups” shortcut icon startups-shortcutsets a filter to repositories containing startup information, and displays a tag cloud that displays names that mergeflow identified as companies:


The companies are startups, plus companies associated with the startups.



Our search example here is “Bayesian networks”.  For our search, we use the query “bayesian network” OR “bayesian networks”.  Then, clicking on the “experts” shortcut icon experts-shortcutsets a filter to repositories containing funded research projects, technology offerings, and scientific publications, and displays a tag cloud with person names identified by mergeflow:


Of course, just with any of the other shortcuts, we could now click on “Open graph”.  In this case this shows a network of expert relationships (usually based on co-authorships):



Research organizations

For our research organizations example we used the search query “adaptive optics” (= systems for reducing the effects of atmospheric disturbances, e.g. for telescopes, cf.  Clicking on the “research organizations” icon research-organizations-icon sets a filter to repositories containing funded research projects, technology offerings, and scientific publications (cf. the “experts” shortcut).  The tag cloud in this case shows names of research organizations and universities identified by mergeflow:



Our search example here is “contact lenses” (using the query “contact lens” OR “contact lenses”).  Here, clicking on the patents shortcut icon patents-shortcut sets a filter to patent documents, and displays a tag cloud consisting of company names that mergeflow identified in the patents:


By the way, notice how dominant Novartis is, and that Google appears here as well.  This certainly reflects their joint efforts to develop smart contact lenses:



Here, our example is “internet of things” (using the query “internet of things” OR IoT).  Clicking on the fundings shortcut icon fundings-shortcut opens a chart that displays company names and their received (VC) fundings, arranged by the time when the funding events took place:


mergeflow extracts the company and funding amount data from the content of world wide news on investor activities.  The panel below the actual chart (cf. red arrow) allows you to zoom in to the graph, by clicking and dragging the mouse in the panel:


In the screenshot above, the red arrow points at the zoomed-in region of the chart.  You can drag this region along the x axis with your mouse as a moving window.  You can also adjust the width of the window by clicking on and then dragging the left or right border of the grey zoom-in area.  Clicking anywhere in the zoom panel will reset the zoom.





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