What sources are featured in mergeflow’s standard repositories?

mergeflow includes a set of standard repositories (scientific journals, research project descriptions, investor activity updates, company profiles, blogs and news, and a few others).  For each of these repositories, you can see what sources are included in them.  Here we show you how to do this.

First, go to your “Manage repositories” page (blue arrow below, please click on the screenshot in order to see a larger version):


In this view, you can see all of your shared and own repositories and some information like description or assigned category (e.g. “mergeflow topic profiles” as chosen in screenshot below)

To learn more about custom repositories, please go to http://blog.mergeflow.com/2015/01/custom-repository/.


Now, in order to see what sources are in the “Scientific Publications” repository, for instance, simply click on the green title…


…and group the results by site:

Now you can see all the included sites, sorted by frequency.

We opted for this dynamic sources list rather than for static lists of sources, mainly for the following reasons:

  • We keep expanding our standard repositories.  A dynamic sources list guarantees that you always see the latest version, including any newly added sources.
  • The dynamic version lets you zoom in on content right away.  We think that this provides better information about a source than a static content description: different users may prefer different levels of details in a description; by looking at actual content, each user can form their own opinion.