How to create a custom repository

mergeflow includes a set of standard repositories (scientific journals, research project descriptions, investor activity updates, company profiles, blogs and news, and a few others).  For more information on these standard repositories, cf.

While for many purposes these standard repositories provide good starting points, you may have sources that you would like to include in addition to our standard repositories.  Perhaps you may also prefer to keep these sources private (i.e. accessible to you only).

You can add your own sources by creating custom repositories.  Custom repositories are accessible to you only (unless you explicitly invite other users to read-access them as well).

In order to create a custom repository, start with the first source that you would like to add to the new repository.  Here we resume an example from another article, “How to add a source” (  That is, we click on “Add source”, and enter the feed of Bruce Schneier’s blog (a cyber security expert; click on the screenshot in order to see a larger version):


Then click “Next”, and click on “Create new repository” (cf. red arrow in the screenshot below):


We could also create a new source group (a “sources folder”) within our new repository, but for now we stick to the default.  Then we enter a repository name…


…and hit “Save”.

Then, after we reload the search page (F5), we see the new repository, listed under “My repositories”:


From now on, whenever we add a new source, “cybersecurity blogs” is one of the repositories to which we can add additional sources.  It will also be searched if you do a keyword search in mergeflow.

We could now edit our new repository, by clicking on the green “i” icon next to it, “show sources”, and “Manage profile”.  For instance, we could filter all documents in the repository if we are only interested in certain topics.  For instance, we might want to filter all documents in the repository to contain either “SCADA” or “PLC” (the filter syntax here works just like the standard mergeflow search syntax, cf.



From now on, all documents from all sources added to the source group “feeds” will be filtered by SCADA or PLC:


If you want to add sources to this repository but do not want to filter them, you should put them into a different source group (i.e. “Add new source group” when you add a new source that you would not like to filter, and then not filter this new source group).

Notice that you can edit or remove these filters any time.  Any changes to the filters will be effective immediately.

By the way, if you would like to subscribe to updates from a web site that has no feeds and no API, you can use kimono ( to create a feed for that site.  Here is an article where we describe how to do this: