Month: November 2014

  • How to use time graphs

    In order to describe how our interactive time graphs can be used, we resume an example from another blog post, searching through a repository with cybersecurity relevant information (  Like in the previous blog post, we use the following filter terms (combined by logical “OR”):

  • How to use filter term tag clouds

    Here we describe how to use filter term tag clouds.  In addition to out built-in tag clouds (e.g. company or person tag clouds), you can use your own filter terms in tag clouds.  Just select “Filter terms” from the tag types menu, as shown below…

  • Creating email alerts with IFTTT

    Using mergeflow update feeds (cf. ) and IFTTT ( ), you can set up email alerts.  IFTTT (“if this then that”) is an internet based automation service (signup is free; you can use existing Google or other accounts to sign in).  With IFTTT, one can specify a trigger event (“this”) that leads to some kind of action event (“that”).