Month: September 2014

  • Investor-university networks: comparing Technion and TU Munich

    Investor-university networks: how does the investor network associated with Technion compare to the investor network associated with the Technical University Munich? One often hears that investors (venture capitalists) are more active in Israel than in Germany.  We wanted to see this difference in a concrete example.  

  • “Tatort” technology scouting

    “Tatort” is a well-known German/Austrian/Swiss crime TV series ( Different sets of Tatort episodes are based in different cities.  The episode last Sunday (14 Sept 2014) was set in Munich.  The episode involved illegal arms deals with “radar based controllers of computer tomographs”.  According to the Tatort episode, these controllers can be used for medical purposes (the cover story for the deals… Continue reading "“Tatort” technology scouting"